Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What should consider before implement Test Automation

Suppose, you are working in a project as manual tester and you are enjoying the working. One day, your QA manager share client's thinking and they are expecting to integrate Automation Testing in the projects as a regression test. So, your manager requested you to plan for Automation Testing. Now it's your turn how you can manage and plan for automation efficiently.

Before implement test automation, you have to face some of the questions and have to consider some of the factors whether it is best fit for the current system or not.
  • Are you thinking of 100% automation?
  • Is your application is stable enough to automate further testing work?
  • Automate testing procedure when you have lot of regression work
  • Think about skilled resources
  • Identify what test cases to automate
    • Repetitive tasks
    • Stable enough application
    • Complex calculation
    • Which require regular set up of environment
    • Things which are difficult for human
    • Task requiring multiple data sets
    • Apply common sense!


  1. Nice article for beginner. But please add one more step to make authentication process more clear.

  2. The difference between REST and SOAP Web Service has been added and authentication process added in details way. Check out "API Monitoring and Testing" post :)

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